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Welcome to the Anti Slavery Society AASONE Est. 1832

The Oldest Civil Rights Society in the USA - Est. 1832

History: Abolitionist Anti-Slavery Society of New England AASS

We are the Oldest Anti Slavery Society in the USA to Demand Emancipation of All People Immediately, and the World's Oldest International Human Rights Organization devoted to the end of slavery and human trafficking.

Founded in 1832,  The  AASSONE Abolitionist Anti-Slavery Society of New England was the first abolitionist society in the country to advocate immediate emancipation. The AASSONE publicly condemned slavery, called for the immediate emancipation of slaves, and formulated plans for incorporating the freedmen into American society.

These societies sent out lecturers about the antislavery message in the North. They also sponsored meetings, sent antislavery petitions to Congress as well as publishing journals and other propaganda.

The American Anti-Slavery Society was dissolved in 1870 with the end of the Civil War but was rechartered in Colorado USA in recent years due to the continued human trafficking abuse and victims from Asia, Arabia, Europe, and Latin American.

Literature of the AASSONE was read by noted people such as: Frederick Douglas Malcolm X and many others.

Human trafficking is the criminal or  illegal transportation of kidnapped women, children, and men across  borders in order to put them into slavery at the destination. This form of modern slavery is one of the most common and may affect the most people: it is estimated that between 500,000 and 900,000 victims enter the trade each year.